Gamers everywhere already know the importance of a good gaming mouse. Not only does it provide quicker access to your tools in game, but features such as wireless capabilities, higher DPI, or even the feel of the mouse can positively enhance your performance. Gaming mice also provide a unique style to pair with one’s gaming PC.

At Mysteryblock Reviews, we gathered up the best gaming mice on the market. Not just cheap, affordable gaming mice, but actual mice that will truly enhance your ability out on the gaming battlefield.

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Here is our best gaming mice of 2017:

Logitech G5 Laser Mouse

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While the price tag on this gaming mouse may have you a bit scared, remember that Logitech is basically the Ferrari of the gaming world. They make only the best devices and their mice are well known to perform at the top of their class.

This one weighs in at 36 grams, which is a good weight for ensuring you get the stability you need when playing your games. However, one awesome feature is the weight cartridges you can remove from this mouse to ensure that it is properly calibrated to the size and density you prefer. Mice weight is far too often underestimated by gamers—even experienced ones—so this could make all the difference.

Logitech G5 Gaming Mouse Review

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On top of that, you can alter the balance of the mouse at will too, ensuring that you get the exact performance you demand for your gameplay.

Furthermore, as far as mobility goes, the feet on this mouse ensuring you experience zero drag when you’re pushing it around your pad. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a gliding feature that could even come close to comparing to this beautiful mouse’s.

Best of all, the 2,000 DPI engine on this model can fire off laser frequencies at a nearly unheard of rate. 1,000 USB reports a second can be used to provide precision responses at insane speeds.

Finally, with the customizing software that comes with this mouse, you can do more than just adjust its weight and balance. You can virtually build your own mouse so that it performs exactly how you’d have it if you were to build one from hand. This is the type of innovative technology Logitech brings to the table and is why the G5 may be the best gaming mouse on the market today.

For many, the best gaming mouse is going to be this amazing number by Redragon. Again, the looks say a lot. It comes with 18 different buttons, all of which can be individually programmed. This makes it the perfect choice for those who like to play MMO games and other titles that demand plenty of toggling, clicking and switching, all while your mouse keeps moving.

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The other cool thing about this point is that the mouse can be programmed five different ways. So you may want the buttons to work a certain way for one game, but have them do other things when you’re playing something different. For some households, these multiple customization modes mean that you can make the mouse work differently for every member of your family without having to spend extra money. Each custom setting comes with its own backlighting too, so you’ll never be confused about whose settings are being used for the mouse. In fact, you have over 16 million LED options to choose from where the color is concerned.

On top of all this the Redragon Perdition is just a lot of fun to use too. The Teflon feet pads on the underbelly of this mouse makes it very easy to move around the pad as you wish without unnecessary friction getting in the way. Add this feature to the contoured body you’re gripping and you’ll never have a mouse to blame for missing an opportunity on screen.

First up is the ZPS 3200 DPI 7 Button LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse. One look at this device will tell you it’s not like the other mice on the market. This device is specifically built with performance in mind.

Despite its cool styling, this mouse is actually completely ergonomic. Gamers love this because it means they can play around the clock—like in marathon tournaments—without having to worry about their wrists and hands getting sore or tired. So long as you have the stamina, these mice will be able to keep pace without problem.

Another great thing about this mouse is that it has iron built in to give it extra weight. All the best gaming mice options have this feature. The added weight may seem like it would fatigue you’re playing, but it’s just the opposite. Instead, the iron helps stabilize the mouse while you play. By doing so, your mouse remains in contact with the pad—right where you want it—and the force you put behind it is capable of smoothly moving it across and around.

Just about anyone can make this mouse a part of their game playing experience. It’s perfectly compatible with Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS, ME 200 and many more.

Best Gaming Mice 2017: Conclusion

When you’re ready to start getting more from your gaming experience, you’re ready for the amazing wireless mice listed above. Stop letting lackluster options get in your way.

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