This blog is a part of the Mysteryblock Reviews website, run by Jeff Martins and carried across with many different authors.

While all the reviews, hardware help, and PC builds belong on the main website, this blog is intended to provide many other useful PC building advice. Some content you will find at the MBR blog include, but are not limited to:

  • PC building tips and guides
  • Tech news opinions
  • Anything computer-related advice
  • PC gaming guides
  • Blog and website news

Rather than make this blog another tech news outlet, we have decided to mainly provide feedback on the latest news instead. For example, instead of having another blog report on the release of the latest GTX graphics card, we will write on why or why not the graphics card is a good purchase, what this means for consumers, what kinds of builds we can make out of it, etc.

The staff at Mysteryblock build brand new computers from scratch almost every week. Because of this, we have special interest in also writing up helpful build guides to assist in the daunting task that is piecing together an entire computer. We may include posts that run an entire computer setup down to which piece goes where or just miscellaneous build help. Of course, readers are welcome to email us and ask questions. We respond promptly or may even make a post about it here.

Video games, computers, and hardware parts are everything to us. We want to be the source of helpful information, not just more news that you can find elsewhere. Thank you for reading and subscribing to the blog. We hope you enjoy and get the most out of it.